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Welsh Rapidplay Championships 2009 Report

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The results of the Welsh Rapidplay Championships were as follows:



1st Ioan Rees (Caerphilly) and his 7th successive win! 5/6

=2nd Tim Kett (Cardiff) and Joe Fathallah (Cardiff) 4½/6


Frank Hatto Major

1st Robert Dineen (North Cardiff) 5½/6

=2nd Alex Bullen (Cardiff) and Michael Arribas-Ayllon (Cardiff) 4½/6



1st Simon Butler (Newport) 5½/6

2nd Bill Wilkins (Cardiff) 5/6


Welsh Ladies (from best lady in the Major)

1st Julie Wilson (WCU) 3½/6

2nd Beryl Hughes (Penarth) 2/6


Winner - Ioan ReesRobert Dineen

Kevin Staveley Arbiter
Jon Gilbert