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Welsh players excel in the final stages of the UK Land Chess Challenge

Several juniors played in the Terafinal and Challengers sections of the UK Land Chess Challenge, over the week-end 20-21 August.


Under 9 Daniel Chung, from St Joseph’s JCC in Glamorgan, netted two wins in the terafinal. This is a very impressive result in the six-round elite competition involving players up to 18.


In the Challengers “C” section, Anlan Qui from St John’s, Cardiff, scored 11/18 (three points for a win, one for a draw in the six round competition), to come equal 9th and secure a book prize. Meanwhile, in the Challengers “A” section, Duncan MacDonald from Whitchurch netted 10/18 to come equal 11th and also secure a book prize.

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