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Glorney-Gilbert International 2016

This year the Glorney-Gilbert cup had a new format, with A and B teams from England competing with those representing Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and a Paris-based French side.


The Gilbert (under 18s girls), Robinson (under 14s) and Stokes (under 12s) teams all came fourth, while the Glorney team (under 18s) came sixth.

The teams were as follows:

Glorney: Ben Thomas, James Evans, Guto Neave, George Smith and Aron Callist

Gilbert: Imogen Camp, Alyssa Wang and Venetia Sivarajasingam

Robinson: Ben Choo-Yin, Karanvir Lutchman-Singh, Higo Fowler, Petko Petkov, Anlan Qui and Aishwarya Lutchman-Singh

Stokes: Chirag Guha, Ifan Rathbone-Jones, Anton Petkov, David McIntosh, Susanna Fraser, and Hiya Ray


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