World Seniors Team Championships (WSTC) 2016, Dresden, 26 June to 4 July 2016



DEADLINE: 13 March


This note follows up our earlier note (here) about both this event and the European Seniors Team Championship (ESTC).  Full details of the WSTC are now available on the tournment website (here)   Like the ESTC 2016 there will be separate open events for teams over 50 and over 65 at the end of the calendar year with the facility to enter multiple teams (which may represent parts of Wales) in each event and a requirement that all players in a team are registered as Welsh with FIDE.  Though this event follows hard on the heels of the equivalent ESTC event (for which two teams have now been put together), we still wish to give as many players as reasonably feasible a chance to participate in the WSTC.

This note therefore asks: 

a) anyone seeking to organise a club or regional side for the 2016 WSTC; and

b) others who are either 

a) unconnected with any such side they are aware of or 

b) would prefer in any case to play in Dresden for a national team rather than such a side

to get in touch with Howard Williams, copying in Peter Bevan if e-mailing, as soon as possible and in any case by 13 March 2016.  If qualified for the over-65 event (i.e 65 or older by 31/12/16), please state whether you would also be willing to play for a Welsh over-50 team.



Details of the schedule, format, deadlines, the cost of accommodation etc. can be found by following the link to the tournament website above.  

Briefly, the championship will be a nine-round Swiss with standard FIDE time limits and one round a day. Teams of four play in any one round but that team may be chosen from a squad of five. We shall endeavour to send squads of five. Teams may represent either a national federation or ‘any regional structure of a federation’ and there is no limit to the number of teams a federation may enter.  

In common with all these seniors’ events the German organisers do not pay for the players’ accommodation and, in this case, also levy a registration (‘entry’ fee of E50 per player. As the WCU are in no position to help with these costs they will have to met by participants in addition to travelling expenses. The WCU will be willing to contribute towards the (separate) entry fee of E100 per team payable to FIDE.

Welsh teams, comprising players with an average rating of roughly 2000, finished about halfway in ESTC events in the years 2011-15 where the format was broadly simlar, but not identical.


European Seniors Team Championships 2016, Halkidiki, Greece, 18 April to 28 April 2016

Two squads have now been selected to represent Wales in the above event. 

They were formed from those responding positively to December's website announcement (see here)


Over 65 Section


Iolo Jones (Capt.)


Lloyd Powell


John Thornton


Rudy van Kemenade


Richard Miles


Over 50 Section 


Charles Morris


David James


Peter Bevan


Mark Adams (Capt.)


John Fletcher



We wish the players an enjoyable and successful tournament.


British Chess Championship 2016 Bournemouth Pavilion

The British Chess Championships are being held between 25th July – 6th August at Bournemouth Pavilion. The Welsh Chess Union has been offered three places for this year's championships. The people selected will still have to pay the entry fee.
If you are interested in playing please could you contact Peter Bevan via the international director's email address. The places will be offered based on rating and whether the player is still qualified as a junior. The tournament is very strong so at a minimum a Welsh rating of 2000 is anticipated to be required (1800 for juniors.)

If there is sufficient demand for places a selection meeting will be held after the Welsh Championships in April. Could all those interested please let me know by 1stMarch 2016. 
Thank you
Peter Bevan
International Director