2016 Games

South Wales New Year Open 2016


This event was won by Nigel Ralphs 4.5 ahead of Tom Brown, Walter Braun and Juan Rodriguez.  There were a number of very interesting endgames played in the event.  It is worth looking at the fine zugzwang Nigel achieved to win in Round 5 against Gareth Morris, whilst Gareth showed against Allan Pleasants how a K+N can hold out against a K+B+2 united passed pawns.  Juan Rodriguez v Gareth and v Tom were also hard fought endgames, whilst Walter won endgames quite clinically against Peter Ehsandar and Rudy Van Kemenade that are worth looking at.

All the games from this event can be downloaded here.


WCPL 2015-6


The complete set of games from this event (some with annotations - thanks mostly to Rudy Van Kemenade for these) are available here.  Round 7 was added on 10/5/2016.



Dyfed Open 2016


All 95 games from the event held in Fishguard, won by Iolo Jones winning can be downloaded here.  All games have been annotated by Rudy Van Kemenade with assessments by Fritz 15.  


Welsh Championship Weekend 2016


This was won by Tim Kett, from Sven Zeidler, with 5 in 3rd place including U21 and U18 champion Ben Thomas.  Julie Van Kemenade took Ladies' Championship title.  The complete file of games form the Championship is now available.


The Tom Weston Open Major was won by GM Matthew Turner with 7/7.  The U16 Championship was won jointly by Imogen Camp, and the sisters Venetia and Shayanna Sivarajasingam on 4/7.  All games from this tournament are here.


The John Bishop Minor was won by Jake Hurley who defeated the long time leader Mohamed Binesmael in the last round.  A number of the games are interesting and the standard was encouraging for a minor.  All the games can be found here.



European Seniors Team Tournament


Over 65s - a 10 team all-play-all   our team Iolo Jones, J Lloyd Powell, John Thornton, Rudy Van Kemenade, Richard Miles

Over 50s - an 8 team all-play-all  - the Welsh team Charles Morris, David James, Peter Bevan and Mark Adams.


The O65s did very well finishing in 4th place overall, including beating Switzerland in their individual match, the Swiss ending in the bronze medal position on match points.

The O50s had a harder time against much stronger opposition, finishing 6th - the highest of the three lower rated teams who were scrapping it out at the bottom end of the tournament.


Round by round details can now be found in the international section of the website.


All games of the Welsh players are available here.


For those interested I have made a smaller database of games which, subject to the game result, would have been eligible to enter for the Geof Tyrrell prize.  If you want to see how successful we were where we were minnows try here.  These games may also be instructive to see how strong players mostly score points against weaker players.




1st Welsh Seniors All Play All  - sponsored by ZPR International

Games from this all-play-all tournament, won by Tim Kett ahead of 2nd - Paul Hatchett, 3rd Allan Pleasnts and Richard Hall, Max Zavanelli, Dai James, Peter heaven and E Michael White - can be found here.


North Wales - FIDE Rated Open - Colwyn Bay


Rudy van Kemenade has annotated all games from this event won by Richard Dineley.  These are here.

If you want the games without annotations then download from here.


2015 Games

Games from 2015 Welsh events are available for download in this section.

South Wales New Year Congress - Bridgend 2nd-4th January

Two FIDE rated events were played

Games from the open can be downloaded here

Games from the Major can be downloaded here


Complete WCPL 2014-15

Abergavenny won the 2014-15 WCPL over 7 rounds.

All games can be downloaded here - some with annotations.

If you want them unannotated then download them here.


Welsh Winter Open 2015 and WCU U18 Championships - Penarth 30 Jan -1st Feb

All games from the Open are available here, and games from the U18 Championships can be downloaded here.


Dyfed Open - Fishguard - February 2015
Games from the Open can be downloaded unannotated here, or with annotations by Rudy van Kemenade here


U1800 Cup

All 27 games from this event played between Abergavenny, Haverfordwest, Cardiff, Morriston, Bridgend, Malpas and White Knights are available here


Welsh Championship, Tom Weston Open Major and John Bishop Minor

All games from the Welsh Championship won by James Cobb are in the file here

All games from the Tom Weston Major Open can be downloaded here

Ratings used in the above tournaments are FIDE ratings. Players without a FIDE rating who played 5 rated games against FIDE rated players and scored at least 1/2 point from those games should be given a FIDE rating at the end of April.

John Bishop Minor games (national ratings used) can be downloaded here.


European Seniors Team Championship Vienna, July 2015

Games played by the Dyfed Wales team (annotations by Rudy van Kemenade) and the Gwent Wales team are available here.


1st Welsh Seniors Championship and SW Summer Open - Rougemont August 2015

Games from the 1st Welsh Seniors Championship won by Dai James, Nigel Saunders and Robert Taylor can be downloaded here.

Games from the Open Section with light annotations by John Thornton are here - annotated.

If you prefer them without annotations you can download them here - unannotated.


South Wales Autum Open - Pencoed October 2015
The games from this event won by Nigel Ralphs from Alan Young and FM Walter Braun can be found here


European Club Cup Skopje October 2015

The complete games file from this event can be downloaded here - Kramnik was in superb form and Michael Adams had an excellent set of results against strong opposition.

If you just want the games from the Abergavenny and Cardigan teams use this link.


WCPL 2015-6

Games from the 2015-6 WCPL can be downloaded here.  All games from Round 2 have been added now.


West Wales Open November  2015

All games from this event, won by Alan Young, Allan Pleasants and Dave Lewis can be downloaded here.


Welsh Chess Games 2014

 3rd -5th January - New Year Congress 2014

   Open Section games download - nygames


 24th - 26th January - South Wales Winter Congress

   Open Section games download - wintergames

   Welsh U18/U18 Girls Championship games download - U18games


Dyfed Open 21st - 23rd February
Thanks to Rudy van Kemenade for inputting and annotating all the games. 

Click the relevant link below to download them as plain game scores or including Rudy's annotations




Wales at the European Seniors' Team Tournament

A complete file of all games is given on the ESTT website.  The games played by Wales - Gwent (Morriss, Powell, Miles, Adams, Gilbert) and by Wales - Dragons (Jones, Bennett, van Kemenade, Thornton and Bevan) are taken from this file and may be incomplete or contain innaccuracies 

Welsh Games Download


Welsh Championships - Easter 2014

Welsh Championship Games Download

Tom Weston Major Open games download 

John Bishop Minor Boards 1-4 games download


Welsh Chess Premier League

WCPL Round 7 games are available for download here: WCPLRd7

All available games from 2013-14 season are available here: WCPL1314


Welsh KO Finals Day 2014

All games played on the Welsh KO Finals Day are available as a download here: WKO Finals 2014  


SW Summer FIDE rated Open 2014
A pgn with all games is available on the link: SW Summer 2014


Colwyn Bay Open

Games from this event which included GMs Arkell, Davies and Hebden are available on the link: Colwyn Bay


East Glamorgan Closed Championship

Games from this event, won by Peter Ehsandar from Tim Kett and Craig Woolcock can be downloaded here: EG Closed 2014


South Wales Autumn Congress

All games from the Open Section won by Craig Woolcock with a perfect 5/5 can be found here: SW Autumn 2014


WCPL 2014-5 Games

Games from the 2014-5 WCPL are available by clicking the relevant link below


Some with annotations


West Wales 47th Weekend Congress 

There were a number of successes by the underdog in this event.

All the games from the open can be downloaded as a pgn here or as a Chessbase cbv file which includes more detail in the database here.