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20th September

The Tournament in Trafalgar Square

The centre piece of the London Design Festival this year was a spectacular giant ceramic chess set sat proudly on a glass mosaic board in the middle of Trafalgar Square. It was created by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. Chess exhibition matches were organised by the ECF and the Design festival team which took place over 5 days. British Championship winners were invited to participate in this unique publicity opportunity for chess, and so Megan Owens didn’t want to miss the chance to go shopping participate.

Stewart Reuben and Adam Raoof did a fantastic job with the commentary, and Ben Edgell kept an official eye on proceedings.

 The giant chess set sat in the middle of Trafalgar Square  Meg by the white pieces  The players were sat on their platforms ready to start A headset was used to relay the moves to the team of helpers   Only the official hepers were allowed to each piece     Adam Raoof and Stewart Reuben doing the commentary

The king was 2 metres high An excellent opportunity to promote the art of chessFantastic crowd support